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Holiday Activities


Please Read This First     

     First, let me say that almost any game can be adapted to a holiday game or activity.  With a little imagination the names of the equipment, players, playing area, etc, can be changed to fit a holiday motif.  Many holiday games of which I am aware, have been modified from daily games and activities.  In this section, you will find some adapted games, original games and other holiday activity ideas. Please feel free to change the names, characters or parts of the game to best fit your holiday ideas.
     Please click on the original game link (in Blue) to get the full instructions of the original games.  Again, these are only some of the possible names, characters and games.

Please be patient as this page is still under construction, I will be adding games as soon as possible.


This section is still under construction, I will be upgrading it almost daily.  Thank you for your understanding.

Grinch Christmas - Play this game as Steal the Treasure, except the story line has may have the grinches trying to steal presents (beab bags, balls, etc.) from other trees (Hula Hoops).

Super Santas - This would be played the opposite of
Steal the Treasure.  Set up the same, but have the players (santas), deliver their packages to other trees (Hula-hoops).  The team that has the least packages left are declared the super santas.

Collecting Candy Canes
- This is the game of Gathering Sticks, except we will substitute candy canes in place of the sticks.

Santas Chimneys  - This is the Christmas version of Squirrels in the Trees.  We will substitute the squirrels with Santas, and the trees will become chimneys. 

Snowball Fights - Any dodgeball, war ball or medic game can easily be adapted to a snowball version of the game.

Enchanted Forest (I need a Christmas name) Ideas?  - This would be a Christmas version of Enchanted Forest.  Substitute Christmas characters and Christmas trees to create you own Christmas version.

Ice Glider Tag   -  The Christmas version of Bean Bag Toe Tag 

Capture the Christmas Tree  -  The Christmas version of Capture the flag

Pack Santa's Sleigh     -  The Christmas version of Cheese Movers.  The mice could become the Grinches, and the cats become whoville citizens trying to stop the grinches from stealing Christmas Packages.  Or maybe the mice are now elves trying to load packages on Santas sleigh, while the baddies ( abominable snowmen - Bumbles) try to stop the elves with snowballs.

Reckless Elf Races     -  Christmas version of Field dodge ball.

The Great Gift Grab   -  Christmas version of Pirateball.

Bells, Candles and Snowballs?  - Christmas version of Rock, Paper, Scissor tag.  Just substitute 3 Christmas items or icons, in place of your standard Rock, Paper, Scissor items. Bells could put out a candle, a candle could melt a snowball, and a snowball would ring a bell. (Just one possibility).

Building Frosty  -  Christmas version of Scooter Cageball.  Have the cageball represent a section of frosty the snowman.  Each time a team wins a round, they win a section of the snowman.  The first team to collect all three sections of Frosty, will be declared the winner.

Santa and his Reindeer  -  Christmas version of Snow WhiteSubstitute reindeer for the dwarves, Santa for Snow White, and maybe the Grinch for the evil warlock or witch.








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