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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Beanbag toe tag

GRADE LEVEL: grades K-6

EQUIPMENT: 8 cones, 1 beanbag per player, 10-12 bowling pins (optional), Volleyball net (optional)

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, sliding objects at a target, eye-foot coordination, agility, evading and dodging, under hand throws.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the playing area into two equal halves, using cones or volleyball net depending on the size of the area.  Personally, I like the volleyball net whenever possible as it reduces students being hit with air balls (I leave about 12 inches of space between the floor and the net).  At each end of the playing area create a dungeon (holding area) as well as a target to rescue students.  I have used mats, boards or bowling pins to create targets.  The target area should be about 32 inches wide, but can be modified to meet the skill level of the students.  When using bowling pins, I will use 5 or 6 pins and I will adjust the distance of the pins to match the skill level of the students.  Class is divided into two teams, one team an each side of the playing area.  Each player is given a beanbag.  On the signal players attempt to slide the beanbag into the feet of opposing players.  If player is hit he must go to the jail on the opposing teams side of the field.  A player may leave jail when a beanbag comes into the jail and that player retrieves it, or when a bowling pin has been toppled.  When he gets the beanbag he may go to his own side, while holding the beanbag above his head.  The game is over when all players from a team have been eliminated.

VARIATIONS:  In some games, I will designate 2 or 3 special beanbags.  If one of these special beanbags hit a target, all students are rescued from the jail.  I will use this same concept with bowling pins except I will designate one of the pins as a special pin.  This pin will either be made differently, or will be a different color to make it easily distinguishable from the others.

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize to the students that the beanbags are to be slid, not thrown.  You can add many of the variations found in dodge ball.
     I send students who throw a beanbag over the line (in the air), to the dungeon.  With the volleyball net, they go if they hit the net.

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