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NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: Gathering sticks

GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Six sticks, two mats

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, strategy, flag grabbing skills, safety in large group running.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class is divided into two teams, each team on opposite sides of the playing area.  On each end of the playing are place the three sticks on a gymnastic mat.  On the given signal, players will run to the opposing teams side of the field in an attempt to steal the three sticks (1 at a time) located on their mat.  If the player gets tagged before he makes it to the mat, he becomes a prisoner and must stay on the opposing teams mat.  If a player makes it to the opposing teams mat without being tagged he may release one of the prisoners, or if there are no prisoners then he may take one stick.  The first team to collect all six sticks is the winner.

- Students cannot be tagged if they are on their own half of the field.

- All prisoners must be rescued before sticks can be taken.

- Prisoners must join hands to get a free walk back to their half of the field.

- Players that are carrying an opponent’s stick cannot be tagged.

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize fair play, be sure students release prisoners first.  This game is difficult for one person to judge, especially with younger students.  You can make this game easier or more difficult by changing the number of prisoners that can be released by a player.  Furthermore, you can make the game easier by changing how many sticks it takes to win the game.

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