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NAME OF ACTIVITY: snow white and the seven dwarfs

GRADE LEVEL: grades K-3


HIGHLIGHTS: Running and tagging skills, dodging, honesty in being tagged.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class is divided into seven teams, each team being named for one of the dwarfs.  One player will be selected as the wicked witch or wicked warlock.  Explain that the witch has cast a spell on the dwarfs.  When the witch says the name of the dwarfs they must run to the opposite end of the gym and back without being tagged by the wicked witch.  If a dwarf gets tagged he must go to the dungeon.  Once in the dungeon he can be released only by snow white, who normally stays in the safety of her castle.  The game will continue for a certain period of time or until snow the wicked witch tags white.  If the witch gets snow white, or if she has any dwarfs at the games end, the witch wins.  If all the dwarfs are safe at the end of the game, as well as snow white, the dwarfs and snow white win the game.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress honesty in being tagged.  Snow White may tag only one dwarf at a time.  Dwarfs must run all the way to the opposite end of the gym before returning.
     You can vary the difficulty of this game by changing the number of bad characters, good characters, or dwarfs.

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