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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Enchanted Forest (In the past I used this game with smurfs, however, it is easily updateable to spongebob, or any other recent well known characters).  For spongebob, change the trees to jellyfish, the forest to water and change some characters.

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 1-6 adapted to virtually any level.  I added basketballs to higher grades to create a different version.  (see spongebob basketball under the sports section).


HIGHLIGHTS: Running, dodging, tagging

INSTRUCTIONS:  Two students are selected to be "Its" (or other names; witches, warlocks, bad cartoon characters).  The rest of the class is lined up at one end of the playing area.  The "its" pick a magic word that will make the rest of the class run to opposite end of the playing area.  The object of the game is for the "Its" to tag as many players as possible before that reach the other end of the playing area.  Students that get tagged must freeze where they are tagged.  The next student that runs by may now be frozen by the enchanted trees (frozen players The last player to be tagged gets to be "It").

HELPFUL HINTS: To make the game more interesting let the players be characters.  I have been using the smurfs.  The players in the middle are Gargamel and Azuriel.  The rest of the players are smurfs.  Stress that trees cannot move their roots, only their limbs, honesty in very important.

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