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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Squirrels in the Trees


EQUIPMENT: 5-6 hula hoops, 1 soccer ball per person

HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer Dribbling, Trapping, and Ball Control

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a soccer adaptation of the squirrel in the trees tag game.  I use it as a game to practice dribbling and to create teams.  Place the hula hoops randomly around the playing area.  There should be about 1 hoop per 4 students.  The hoops represent the trees.  Each player is given a soccer ball, the soccerball represents the acorn and the students represent the squirrels.  The object of the game is for each squirrel to find a tree in which to store his/her acorn.  However, only 3 squirrels and acorns are allowed in one tree.  Since there are not enough trees for all of the squirrels, some squirrels will be left without a tree for the winter.  Here is how the game works.  On the signal to begin, students must dribble their soccer ball to a hula hoop, and using only their feet, keep the ball inside the hoop.  Once their are 3 players in the hoop, the players will sit down so everyone knows that hoop is full.  
     1.  Players may not use their hands
     2.  Players may not touch another players soccer ball or person.
     Personally, I play this game for a few rounds, then on the last round I allow 4 players per hoop.  This way, without the students knowing it, I have set my team for a game of Mass Soccer or Steal the Treasure.

HELPFUL HINTS: Personally, if a player uses his/her hands, I have them leave that tree (pun intended) and go to a different tree.  Depending on the age group, you may want to vary the strictness of this rule.


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