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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 3-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  5 or six different soccer balls, 5 or 6 goals (2 cones per goal, or hoops w/bowling pins, or actual goals), 5 or 6 sets of flags or bean bags (5 items per set).

HIGHLIGHTS:  Soccer skills including; dribbling, passing, shooting, goal tending, strategy, cooperation, teamwork and critical thinking.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Scatter 5 or 6 goals around the playing area, depending on the number of students in the class.  Personally, I like to have 5 players on each team, but 4 will work also.  Each goal represents a base for each team and should be comprised of a goal and 5 matching beanbags or flags and a matching soccerball.  The students will then divide their team into goalies, attackers, and defenders.  Teams may have any number of attackers and defenders, but may have only one goalie.  The object of the game is to travel around the area and score a goal at each opposing base.  Once a goal is scored, the opposing goalie must give 1 of their own flags or beanbags to the scoring team.  Upon receiving the flag or beanbag, the scoring team must immediately return it to their base or if playing the flag version give it to the captain.  The first team to collect a determined number of flags or beanbags will be declared the winner.
     Flag Version - The team captain will wear a flag belt and collect their teams winning flags on his/her belt.
     Bean Bag - I use this version as it is less hassle.  Bean bag are returned back to the base for collection.  Just make sure teams know not to give away bean bags that they have earned, to teams that score against them.

  Following are some of the vital aspects of the game:

1.   You may only score against each team 1 time.

2.    You can only score with your own ball.

3.    You can kick or steal any ball from any team, but remember, you can only score with your own ball.

4.    You may not throw any beanbags or flags at any time.

5.    You may only win original beanbags from a base (not the ones they have won).

6.   Only goalie can use their hands, but if catching the ball, they must roll it away.

7.    Infractions may result in the loss of winnings.


HELPFUL HINTS:  I really try to stress the importance of teamwork during this activity.  Students will learn that it is easier to score when they are passing and working together.  Depending on the goals and scoring difficulty, the game can be modified from scoring at all goals, to collecting a certain number of flags or beanbags, to win.

Watch and correct the following:

1.      Make sure goalies play in front of their goal and not behind it.

2.      Make sure defenders are not playing as a goalie, defenders need to stop the shooters before they take a shot.  (I relate them to watch dogs patrolling their yard).

3.      Make sure students do not kick overly hard and they should try to keep the ball on the ground

4.      Goals must go through the cones below the waist of the goalie.

I let students use their hands to protect their face.


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