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NAME OF ACTIVITY: steal the treasure (Soccer Style)

GRADE LEVEL: grades 2-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 1 hoop per 4 players, 4 soccer balls per hoop.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Safety in large group running, teamwork, cooperation, dribbling and ball control

INSTRUCTIONS:  Spread the hoops out over the play area.  Assign a group of students to each hoop (treasure chest). On the given signal student will run and try to take the treasure (soccer balls) from other players treasure chests and return it to their own.  This continues for a predetermined amount of time.  At the end of the allotted time the soccer balls ( gold nuggets ) are counted, the team with the most nuggets wins.

VARIATION As a variation I will put all the soccer balls in the middle.  Students will have 1 goalie at their hoop.  Students will then attempt to get as many balls back to their hoop as possible.  Goalies must keep at least 1 foot in the hoop and may use their hands to help gather the balls.  The game ends when all of the balls are captured in the hoops.  The team with the most balls wins.

HELPFUL HINTS - Students may take only one ball from a hoop at a time.  Students may not steal from the same hoop twice in a row.  If a student gets to a hoop that is empty, he or she must go to another hoop.  No waiting.

Anyone that has a ball in their possession at the time of the whistle may take the ball to their chest.

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