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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Lord of the Rings


EQUIPMENT: 6 or more hula hoops, 1 soccer ball

HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer Dribbling, Trapping and Ball Handling.

INSTRUCTIONS: I use this game as a warm up game and as a pre-game for soccer Steal the Treasure and Soccer Round-Up.  Scatter the hula-hoops or goals randomly about the playing area.  Each student is given a soccer ball.  On the signal, students are given a set time (I use 60 seconds) to capture as many rings as possible.  To capture a ring, players must dribble their ball to the ring and keep it trapped in the ring for 3 seconds.  Once they capture the ring, they go to any other ring for a capture.  The object of the game is for the students to capture as many rings as possible, it the 60 second time limit.  I usually play this game a few times so that players have an opportunity to improve their score.  Following are the rules:
     1.  Ball must stay inside the hoop for 3 seconds.
     2.  Once captured, the hoop is still open to all other players
     3.  A player may not capture any hoop more than once, unless they have captured all hoops.
     4.  Players are not to interfere with other players in any way.

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize proper dribbling and ball handling skills.


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