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EQUIPMENT: 1 hula hoop per 4 or 5 players, At least 1 soccer ball or tennis balls per player ( a few more is better).

HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer skills which include dribbling, passing, shooting, ball handling and goalie skills.

INSTRUCTIONS: I use this in combination with  Steal The Treasure or other soccer games.  To begin, scatter the hula-hoops randomly around the area (all about the same distance from the center of the playing area).  Each team will select 1 person to be the goalie, the rest of the team will be the attackers.  Place all of the soccer balls in the center of the playing area.  On the signal to begin, the attackers will try to gain control of a soccer ball to return to their goalie.  The goalie will then capture that ball by catching it and placing it in their hula-hoop.  The game continues until all of the balls have been captured,  The team who captures the most soccer balls, wins that round.  Following are the rules of the game:
     1.  The goalie is the only player who can use their hands.
     2.  Players may steal any ball that is not captured (in a hoop).  Yes they may steal from others.
     3.  NO body contact.
     4.  Goalies must keep 1 foot inside the hoop at all times (they may not move their hoop).

HELPFUL HINTS: When the game gets down to one ball, you really need to keep close watch.  If it appears the game is a little too dangerous at one ball, then stop the game when there are 1,2 or 3 balls left.


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