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NAME OF ACTIVITY: British Warm-Up Tag


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 Soft, sting-less, non-threatening ball (Nerf ball, etc)

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork, Passing, Throwing, Catching, Dodging

INSTRUCTIONS: This game is similar to like a combination of squad tag and field dodgeball.
     Divide the class into two teams.  One team will be the taggers and have possession of the ball.  The opposing team are the evaders and will attempt to avoid being tagged.  The object of the game is to see how long it takes for the "taggers to eliminate all of the opposing players by hitting them below the shoulders with the ball.  To begin, the taggers will start at one end of the gym, and the evaders will begin at the opposing end.  On the signal to begin, the taggers will begin to scatter about and start eliminating the evading team by hitting them below the shoulders, with the ball.  Players that are hit are eliminated from the game and must sit out (Perform designated exercise) until the end of the round.  Time how long it takes for the taggers to eliminate all of the evaders, then switch roles.  The team with the lowest score wins.  Following are important rules to the game.
     1.  Players may not move if their feet if they have a ball.  They have 2 choices, throw at a close opponent or pass to a teammate who think they will have a better shot.
     2.  Hits must be made below the shoulders.
     3.  If you find players holding the ball, implement a 3 or 5 second holding rule.  Players may not hold the ball longer than the designated time.
Variation: Use two balls and designate 1 for girls only and one for boys only. 

HELPFUL HINTS: The game was originally designed for players to sit out when hit.  If this is a short break I have no real problem, as the eliminated players can cheer for their team.  However, if the break is longer than a couple of minutes, I would implement a skill, exercise or other activity for the eliminated to perform.


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