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Name of Activity: Field dodge ball

Grade Level: Grades 4-6

Equipment needed: 1 ball, one cone or marker

Highlights:  Throwing at a moving target, decision-making, cooperation, and teamwork.

Instructions:   Players will be separated into two teams.  One team will be in the field (throwing), one team will be batting (running).

The runners will be in divided into two single file lines behind an end boundary.  On the given signal the first two players from each line will attempt to run around a marker at the opposite end of the field and return to tag the next player in line.  Once tagged, the next player in line will immediately do the same.  One run will be awarded each time a runner makes it around the cone and back, safely.

Runners are allowed anywhere inside the boundaries of the field.  They may stop, start, dodge, and hide behind opposing players (without touching them to avoid being tagged out

     The fielders are given a football; in order to get a runner out they must hit the runner with the ball (below the shoulders) before he reaches the safety area.

Fielders are not allowed to run with the ball.  They may take one step, at which point they must throw the ball to another player, or throw the ball at a runner.

Fielders may have the ball for a maximum of three seconds.  If they hold the ball longer than three seconds an extra run may be credited to the opposing team.

After the fielders get three runners out they will switch positions. (Fielders are now runners and runners are now fielders.


HELPFUL HINTS: Runners that run out of the boundaries are automatically out.

Encourage teamwork, students will soon learn that they must pass the ball in order to get outs.

If a ball is thrown out of bounds, the students must retrieve it following the rules of the game.

Emphasize that players that do not have the ball should try to position themselves to throw at a runner, or to catch a ball that may miss a runner.

Warn students that throwing at a runner without a player position to stop the ball, in case they miss, can cost a lot of runs.

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