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GRADE LEVEL: grades 1-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: none or one flag belt per student

HIGHLIGHTS: teamwork, cooperation, honesty, working against a clock, large group running.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class is divided into four squads.  Each squad will have a turn to be it.  On the given signal the "It" squad will attempt to tag all the other players.  As a player is tagged he will leave the game.  The instructor will keep track of how long it takes the "it" squad to tag all the other players.  When that squad has tagged all the players it will be another squads turn.  The winner is the squad that takes the least amount of time tagging the opposing players.

VARIATION - Give each squad a time limit, the squad that tags the most players in that time limit will be declared the winner.

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize honesty in being tagged, and safety in large group running.  I also allow each team to have their own name.  Furthermore, I may give each team 2 chances so that they may incorporate a team strategy.

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