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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Horde vs Alliance

GRADE LEVEL: Grade k-3


HIGHLIGHTS:  Safety in large group running, dodging, tagging and acting on verbal cues

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into two teams, one team being the Horde and the other team being the Alliance.  To begin teams are lined up at opposite ends of the playing area.  Start by having the Horde  facing away from the Alliance.  At this point the Alliance sneak up on the Horde .  When the teacher thinks they are close enough he shouts "here come the Alliance", the Horde  then turn around and chase the Alliance back to their PC home while attempting to tag as many as possible.  Any Alliance tagged become Horde .  This time the Alliance turn around, and the Horde  sneak up to the Alliance.  This game may be played with a time limit or until all players are on one team.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the safety in tagging others, pushing, diving, and obstacles in the playing area.  To settle arguments over tags flags may be used.

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