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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Giants, Wizards and Elves

GRADE LEVEL: 5-12 (see Black and White for a similar game for younger players.)


HIGHLIGHTS: Running, Evading, Chasing, Quick identification and reaction, Acting

INSTRUCTIONS: Discuss the characters involved with this activity, and how they are represented or acted out. 
     Giants - Formed by raising high on tip toes, stretching arms high, curling fingers and growling.
     Wizards - Formed by crouching very slightly, pointing and wiggling all fingers, as if casting a spell and saying: Bbzzz as if electricity is coming from fingers, Kazaam, abradabra or whatever magic word you choose.
     Elves - Squat down on haunches, cupped hands (fingers up) beside ears to represent elf ears and make shrill high pitched noises or words of your choice (as long as all players know the words).
     Divide the class into two equal teams.  Each team will huddle at their own safety zone (opposite end of the playing area, designated by a line or some boundary).  In the huddle, teams will agree on a character to portray during the acting phase.  The teams will now face each other about 5 feet apart at the center of the playing area (half-court).  On the signal, teams will act out the character on which their team agreed.  The winning team will now chase and attempt to tag the players from the losing team.  The losing team will attempt to make it back home to their safety area without getting tagged.  Players who get tagged, must join with the other team.  After the chase, the process starts again with each team meeting to decide the character to portray.  Remember all players from the team must portray the same character.  Following are which characters win against other characters:
     Giants beat Elves - as they can squish the elves
     Elves beat Wizards - as they are very wise and immune to magic
     Wizards beat Giants - as giants are not wise nor immune to magic
If both teams pick the same character, nothing happens and each team returns to pick another character.  The game ends when all players are on the same team.
     Variation - Instead of the losing team being chased, they could perform a pre-determined or random exercise.  The winning team would get a point.  Play to 3, 5 or whatever score you determine.
     If you would like a similar game for younger players, please see Black and White.

HELPFUL HINTS: Allow time for the players to practice each character.  Make sure to give alot of positive reinforcement to players who are really into the character.  If you play the tag version, be sure to stress the importance of safe tagging.  Using flag tags may help to improve the safety of this activity.


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