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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Black and White

GRADE LEVEL: K-5 (see Giants, Wizards and Elves for a similar game for older players)

EQUIPMENT: One item that is Black on one side (top) and White on the other (bottom).  Personally, I use a black frisbee, with white tape on the top.  However, any large item will work, but it needs to be large enough for all of the players to see.

HIGHLIGHTS: Running, Evading, Chasing, Quick identification and reaction.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into two equal teams.  Have each team form a row about 3 feet from the center line of the playing area (half-court).  Students should be spread out some from the player next to them, so they do not trip over each other when they turn and run.  Now, you have two teams about 5 feet apart, stretched across the playing area and facing each other.  Designate one team white and the other team black (you can use any colors you like, but this is how I learned the game).  Now, you start the game by flipping the frisbee in the air, where the students can see it.  If the frisbee lands white side up, the white team will try to tag the black team before the black team can run back to their base (designated area at their own end of the gym).  Any players tagged must join the other team (note: only the color up can tag, in this case white.  If a player from the black team starts tagging, he is automatically considered caught).  Once all players are tagged or make it to the safety area, they will line up and prepare for the next flip.  Play continues until all the players are on one team.
     I like this game, because at the end everybody wins.
If you want a more complicated version of this game for older students, please check out:
Giants Wizards and Elves

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress safety in tagging other from behind!  Using flag tags or foam noodles will really add to the safety of the game.


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