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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Flip me the bird


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 or more rubber chickens (Small towel or rag with a knot tied at the end for weight).

HIGHLIGHTS: Running, Chasing, Fleeing, Throwing, Catching, throwing to a moving target (leading).

INSTRUCTIONS: There are several different formats that could be used, as with any tag game, so I will start with a basic tag game.  However, you can modify this game to fit your particular needs.
     Select 2-4 players to be "It".  I base this number on the number of players and the size of the play area.  Personally, I like to have enough "Its" to keep people moving, but not so many that the players have no chance to escape.  Anyway, Play just like any tag game, the "Its" will try to tag the players.  What makes this game different is that you have (rubber chickens or knotted towels to simulate "birds").  A player who is holding a bird cannot be tagged by the "Its".  When a player is in jeopardy of being tagged he can ask for someone to toss him a bird, or someone could toss him/her a bird when they see him/her in trouble.  In any case, the free players will pass the birds around as necessary, in order to keep their players from getting tagged.
     Add this twist to basically an version of tag.  In other words what you have the players do when they are tagged is up to you.  Three tags and you become an "It", Freeze tag, tunnel tag,
 toilet tag, etc. 
     Of course, the "Its" are not allowed to touch the birds.

HELPFUL HINTS: If you see players hogging the birds, you may have to put a time limit on how long a bird can be held.  Also, If birds are being thrown in a dangerous manner, you may have to limit throws to underhanded tosses.


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