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HIGHLIGHTS: Running, Evading, Safety in large group movement. Any exercise 

INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1-3 students to be the "its" (depending on class size and area).  Personally, I identify the "its" by having them wear a gold vest.  To start the game, I have the "its" stay near me, as the rest of the class scatters about the playing area.  On my signal, the "its" will attempt to tag the players.  When a player is tagged, he/she must assume a toilet position (one knee on the ground and the other knee up, one arm straight out to the side).  The tagged player must remain frozen in this position until they are rescued by another player.  To be rescued, a player must sit on the knee of the frozen player, grab their straight arm and make a WHOOSH sound while pulling the arm down to simulate the flushing of a commode.  Once a player flushes the toilet of a frozen player, the frozen player is freed.  Personally, I play once a player is tagged three times, they come to the sideline, get a vest and re-enter the game as an "it".  The game ends when a certain time limit has been met or when all players are frozen.
     If you want to have winners, there are several options:
          1.  The last 1 or 2 players to be frozen are the winners.
          2.  All players that are not an "it" at the end of the game are declared the winners.
          3.  At the end of time, if there are still players unfrozen, the players win.  If all the players are frozen by the "its" then the "its" win.
     However you decide to play this game, the students will enjoy it.  Personally, I will select the last two players to be frozen, as "its" for the next round.

HELPFUL HINTS: To add more exercise to this game, have newly freed players perform an exercise before re-joining the game.


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