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EQUIPMENT: 1 small object (must fit inside players hand)

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, acting, evading, flag grabbing skills, chasing, huddles

INSTRUCTIONS: This game can be played inside or out.  Playing area should be approx. 120 x 60, but whatever you have is fine, but larger is better.  Divide the class into two equal teams.  Select one team to start off as offense and the other to start as defense.  The offensive team will form a huddle in their own endzone. In the huddle, they will select a ball carrier (remember the ball must fit inside their hand).  The ball carrier will conceal the ball by making a fist around the ball.  All players, will make a fist as well, in order to act as though they have the ball. Now, as they leave the huddle, every player wants to act like they are the ball carrier so that the defense does not know who has the ball.  The defense will now move to the center of the field and wait for the go signal.  On the signal, give by the teacher, or the team if you wish, the offensive players will try to run the length of the field, past the opposing teams goal line.  In the meantime, the defensive players will try to tag the offensive players before they can score.  Upon being tagged, the offensive player must show if they were the ball carrier, if they are not they defensive player may attempt to tag other.  If they were the ball carrier, the defense gets the ball and it is their turn to try to score.  If the ball carrier makes it past the opposing teams goaline, without being tagged, then it is a touchdown and the offense is awarded 7 points.  The defense would now get a turn to try to score.  Game continues for a given time, or a given score.  Following are some key points to remember:
     1.  All offensive players should make a fist and act as they have the ball.
     2.  Defense is responsible for checking the hands of players they tag.
     3.  Offense only scores if the ball carrier gets to the endzone untagged.
     4.  Absolutely NO BLOCKING. (beside being dangerous, it also tells who has the ball)
     5.  Regardless the outcome of the play, the other team get the next turn.

HELPFUL HINTS: It is important to stress the importance of not having the ball.  Everyone wants the ball, so it is vital to reinforce those players who where good actors and had people chasing them, even though they did not have the ball.  Remind students that the more players that are chasing those without the ball, leaves less players to chase the person who has the ball.


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