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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Sponge Bob Basketball


EQUIPMENT: 1 Ball per player

HIGHLIGHTS: Dribbling skills, ball control

INSTRUCTIONS: I created this game from a game called enchanted forest.   first take a little time to discuss the characters from Sponge Bob (the good guys, and the bad guys).  I then select two students to be the bad guys if their choice (these are the it's).  During that time, the other players select which good character they will be playing.  All the good characters have a ball and are line up at one end of the gymnasium.  The bad guys must start, without a ball, in the center of the gym.  I then introduce the bad guys, by name, to the rest of the players.  Then I have the bad guys pick a magic word that will force the rest of the players to swim (dribble their basketball) to the other end of the gym.  When we have the word and the game is ready to start, the good guys will start chanting "I'mm Readdy, I'mm Readdy".   When the bad guys say the magic word, all the players must try to dribble to the other end and wait.  In the meantime, the bad guys (jealous because they do not have a ball) will try to steal or knock away balls from the good characters.  If a player loses control or has their ball knocked away, they must:
     A. Retrieve their ball
     B.  Go back to where they lost control and place the ball on the floor between their feet.
These players are now "Jellyfish".  Jellyfish must keep the ball between their feet (so they can not move), and will now try to help the bad guys by trying to steal and swat basketballs away from the remaining players.  Obviously, the jellyfish can move their hands and arms.  Any other players who lose control of their ball, will meet the same fate.
     The game continues until there is only one or two players left.  I will then ask which character they were playing and introduce them, as champions, to the rest of the class.  The winners will be selected as the new Bad guys for the next round.

HELPFUL HINTS:  While this sounds like a simple game, the kids love it.


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