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EQUIPMENT: 1-6 Basketball Goals, 2-12 Basketballs

HIGHLIGHTS: Shooting, passing and rebounding

INSTRUCTIONS: I Divide my class into teams of 6.  If you have an odd number, this is not a problem.  Now, if you only have 1 or 2 goals, then you may want to use this game as a station activity.  But, for the sake of explanation, I will explain the game using 4 goals, but remember, it will work with 1 or 2.
     Now there are a couple ways to do this game, but here is the way that I like best.  I place two different foul lines at each goal.  1 close enough for any player in my class to have a chance, and the other far enough away to be challenging to most players.  I assign the nearest mark a 1 pointer, and the farther line to ba a 2 pointer.
     After assigning each goal 6 players (a team), I will have each team number their players 1-6 or whatever.  Next I have each make up a team name so that I can track the scores on a blackboard, dry erase board or on paper.  To start the game, I will select numbers to make up the three positions for each team.  Those positions being: shooters, rebounders and score keepers. For example, the first round will have players 1&2 shooting, 3&4 rebounding and 5&6 score keeping another team.
     The object of the game is to score as many points as possible, in a given time (30 sec. - 2 min.) period.  Each round will have the 2 shooters shooting from whichever line they wish, 2 rebounders getting the ball and passing it back to the shooters and 2 scorers watching a different team.  After the end of the allotted time, I will record the totals of that round. (NOTE: you could just announce a winner for the round, or you could add up all the rounds at the end of the game, or you could have round winners and an overall champion).
     After the round, we will have students switch positions.  When each player has done each position 1 time, I will change the numbers around in order to switch up pairs.
     Shooters: Shoot from whichever line they desire.
     Rebounders: rebound and get the balls to the shooters as quickly as possible.
     Scorers:  Go to a different team and help count the points as they are made.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I like this game with more than 1 shooter at a time as it does not single out 1 person, good or bad.
     If you have an odd number, then just assign 2 numbers to 1 student from the smaller teams.
     There are several ways to score this game:  the winner of a round gets a point, the winner of a round is the winner, the highest point total at the end of the game is the winner, or any combination of these.


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