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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Four-Way Volleyball (poison)

GRADE LEVEL: grades 4-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 2 - 4 volleyball nets, 1 volleyball or beach ball, depending on the level.  4 sets of five different color flags and 1 belt per team, or I use 4 different sets of 5 beanbags.

HIGHLIGHTS:  all skills associated with volleyball, bumping, setting, serving, rotating etc.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Set up nets so they form for separate courts (resembling a four square court).  The class is divided into four teams.  Play begins with the team in the forth square serving to one of the other teams.  Play will continue as in regulation volleyball, except the ball can be hit to any one of the other three teams.  Any mistakes made by any team will result in the loss of a beanbag or flag.  The team that lost a marker will now rotate and serve to any other team.  Play will continue until one team has lost all of their beanbags, flags or whatever is used to represent the team.  Once all of a teams markers are lost, the team is eliminated.  Note:  The team is not eliminated from the game but instead may separate and join any of the remaining teams still in the game.  The square that is vacated is now poison, and any ball hit into that square will result in the loss of a beanbag.  The game continues until there is only one team left, this team is declared the winner.

HELPFUL HINTS: I adapt this game to the level of the participants by any one or combination of the following: 

     Type of ball I use Balloons, beach ball, oversized volleyball, volleyball

     Number of hits Anywhere from 3 up to unlimited

     Bounce rule Ball my hit the ground once between each hit.

     Serve help Serve may hit the net, or may be helped by teammates

     Net height

     Illegal hits With older classes I could disallow illegal hits

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