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NAME OF ACTIVITY: mini soccer

GRADE LEVELS: grades 3-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Three soccer balls, a soccer field with goals, or cones

HIGHLIGHTS:  Development of all soccer skills, basic rules, and strategy.  Skills include dribbling, passing, tending goal, throwing, punting, trapping, heading, and shooting at a goal.

INSTRUCTIONS:     Class is divided into two equal teams; each team will have an equal number of goalies, full backs and forwards.  Play is by soccer rules except with the following limitations.  I use 3 soccer balls at a time, this keeps the action moving.  Forwards are only allowed anywhere on the opponents half of the field and do the scoring.  Fullbacks are allowed only on their half of the field and are strictly defense.  Goalies block shots from the opposing team.  They are the only players that may use their hands.  Goalies may punt the ball, throw the ball, or kick the ball after receiving it.  All basic soccer rules apply.  Play is divided into three (to allow for rotation) equal periods.  At the end of each period players rotate positions, forwards become goalies, fullbacks become forwards, goalies become fullbacks.  With this system every player plays every position,

HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize the importance of passing.  Rules may be adapted for the level of the participants.  I use an equal number of positions for several reasons: it makes rotation easy, all players get a chance to be goalie, it's good to use when you have no soccer goals.  During this game, all rule infractions result in an indirect free kick.  I try not to make a big production of this as I want the game to keep moving at a high pace.


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