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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Mass Basketball


EQUIPMENT:  5 or 6 sets which include: 1basketball, 5 or 6 pinnies, 5 or 6 collectable (flags, beanbags, etc.), 5 or 6 basketball goals.  It is nice if each set is color coded, for example: the blue set would have a blue basketball, 5 or 6 blue vests, blue collectable (flags, etc).  However, this is not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy this game.  I started by using different style basketballs, bean bags as collectables, and did not have different vest (I used flags).  I only had 2 different color flags, but I used tape to add vertical stripes or horizontal stripes, etc. in order to distinguish the teams.  Be creative.

HIGHLIGHTS: Virtually all aspects of basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into 5 or 6 equal teams.  Each team should have a distinctive basketball, collectable and Jerseys (pinnie) if possible.  The object of the game is to be the first team to collect a determined number of different collectables.  Following are the rules:
     Each team will need to have offensive and defensive players.  I let each team figure this out, but I usually let the teams know that in the next game, defenders must be offense and offense must play defense.  This adds to the strategy of the game.  On my signal each team must try to earn a One collectable from each of the other teams.  The first team to get one collectable from each team will be declared the winner.  Following are the rules:
     1.  A player earns a collectable from the other teams, by scoring a goal into the opposing team's basket.  Upon scoring, one of the defensemen will give the collectable to the scoring team.
     2.  Upon earning a collectable, the team must immediately return the collectable to their base. (note: A team may only score 1 time at each goal, so they should never have more than one collectable from each team).
     3.  Any player may guard, steal a ball from, or rebound a ball from any team, at any time.  Once a ball is stolen, it must be rolled away immediately.
     4.  A team may only score with their own ball.
     5.  All dribbling and fouling rules should be followed.  (I do not have penalties for infractions, I just watch and warn)  Personally, I have never had to do more than warn, but you could allow fouls shots, or make travelers and double dribblers, give the ball away.

HELPFUL HINTS: For collectables, I have used the following: bean bags, flags and hacky sacks.  For this game, you could use about anything, cards, beanies, etc.
     To shorten a game, I will just have the students collect a fewer number of collectable to win.  I will also, sometimes play until I get a second and third place winner, this will lengthen the game.


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