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EQUIPMENT: 2 Basketballs

HIGHLIGHTS: Shooting, dribbling, passing, shooting under pressure.


Personally, I have my students divided into as small of groups as possible (5-7), but any number will work.  You will need two basketballs for each game.
     Students will form a line behind the designated area (foul line for older kids, or a spot you decide for younger students)  The first two players in line will have a ball.  The game begins when The first player takes his/her shot from the foul line.  The 2nd player will then shoot immediately after player 1.
     If player 1 makes his/her shot they give the ball to the next player in line (who immediately shoots from the foul line) All first shots must be from the foul line.  Player 1 then goes to the end of the line.
     If player 1 missed the first shot they must retrieve the ball as quickly as possible and try to make a basket.  Player will continue to shoot until they make a basket or get knocked out (Players get knocked out when the player that began shooting after them, makes a basket before they do. Ex. player 2 scores before player 1, player 1 is knocked out). 
     Anytime a player scores or gets knocked out he must immediately give his ball to the next player in line, as this is a quick and fast paced game. 
     In short, the object of the game is to knock out other by making a basket before the player who shot first in front of you.  REMEMBER- players can only be knocked out if the player who shot after them, scores first.  ex. if player 1 scores first, as he/she should, player 2 will continue to shoot until he/she scores or get knocked out by player 3.
     WINNER - originally, players who get knocked out must sit out until there is only 1 player left - WINNER.  This still works ok if there are not too many in a group, but when I want to practice shooting I like the next variation.
     VARIATION - When a player would get knocked out, I do not have them sit out.  I give them a point, strike, or letter like in Pig.  Players will then keep track of their own score or word, and after a given time, the player with the fewest points, letters, etc. is the winner.
     VARIATION - As described the first shot must be from the foul line, but all other shots can be from anywhere.  Originally, the game allowed players to get their rebound and run to where they want to take their next shot.  Personally, I make the students dribble if they want to move (Makes sense to me anyway :).  Also, with older students, you could make them shoot from where they get their rebound.



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