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Name of activity: fourth down

Grade Level: grades 2-12, adaptations needed depending on skill level.

Equipment Needed:  one or two footballs, flag belts for each player, 1 or 2 fields.

Highlights:  skills associated with football, including; passing, running, dodging, receiving, huddles, and lining up in a offensive and defensive formation.

Instructions:  For this game I separate the girls from the boys, this provides more opportunities for the girls.  Divide the players into two teams.  The game begins with a kick off.  Upon receiving the kickoff the offensive team may run, pass, lateral, or any combination of these.  The play will continue until the player with the ball has a flag removed or the ball touches the ground.  From this point the team with the ball will huddle to make a play.  The offensive team gets 1 play to try to score.  After making the plan they will line up at the ball. The quarterback will call hike and the center will hike the ball.  The quarterback may run, pass, lateral, handoff.  Any player that receives the ball will have these same options.  The play will continue until a player that has the ball has a flag removed or the ball touches the ground.  When one of these occur the ball is turned over to the opposing team where they will get one down.

- Kickoffs and interceptions do not count as a down.

Helpful Hints: Teamwork is a very important part of this game.  Each player must get a turn to quarterback.  Also, I allow forward laterals and I also allow passing beyond the line of scrimmage.  However, you can adapt some of these rules to better fit the skill level of the players.

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