NAME OF ACTIVITY: four-way volleyball

GRADE LEVEL: grades 4-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 2 volleyball nets, 1 volleyball or beachball, depending on the level.

HIGHLIGHTS:  all skills associated with volleyball, bumping, setting, serving, rotating etc.

INSTRUCTIONS:      Set up nets so they form for separate courts (resembling a four square court).  The class is divided into four teams.  Play begins with the team in the forth square serving to one of the other teams.  Play will continue as in regulation volleyball, except the ball can be hit to one of the other three teams.  Any mistakes made by any team will result in a point for the team in the forth square.  If the forth square makes a mistake the must go back to square one, and all other teams will rotate one space toward the forth square.  The team in the forth square is the team that serves.  The team in the forth square is the only team that can score points

VARIATION - Have any team that makes an error return to square one, all other teams rotate one space toward the empty square (except teams that are ahead of that team).


HELPFUL HINTS: Emphasize that the rules of volleyball apply.  If rotating is too common, rotate the ball instead of the players.  Sometimes a rule must be made that you cannot serve to the same team twice in a row.  Sometimes a rule may be made that you may not hit the ball to the team that hit it to you.  These rules help keep all teams involved.


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