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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Fliers and Grounders

GRADE LEVEL: K-12 some modifications for younger players

EQUIPMENT: 1 bat, 1 ball, 1 tee if necessary per game

HIGHLIGHTS: Hitting, catching, eye-hand coordination, pitching, fielding

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a game I used to play, many moons ago.  1 player is designated as the hitter, 1 player is designated as the pitcher and the rest of the players are scattered about the field.  The first thing that you have to do is designate how many fliers (Fly Balls) and how many grounders (Ground Balls), it will take to win a game.  Of course, this number can be adjusted to the skill level of the participants. For now, I will say it takes 1 flier and 5 grounders to win a game.  Play starts with the pitcher tossing the ball to the hitter, and the hitter striking the ball.  Fielders will attempt to catch the ball hit by the batter.  The first player to reach the set number of fliers and grounders will be the winner and the next batter.  You could now have the previous batter, become the next pitcher.  If a player wins more that once before all players have batted, I will have them or myself select a new player to hit.
     As you can see, this game can be adjusted by using a tee instead of pitching, by the type of ball you use, by the size or type of bat, and by how you determine a winner.

HELPFUL HINTS:  No body contact is allowed between players.  


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