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GRADE LEVELS: Grades 4-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  3 cones, 3 mats, one football, one home base

HIGHLIGHTS: Passing, catching, and throwing skills as found in football, teamwork, base running and cooperation.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Class will be divided into two teams, one team in the field, one team kicking.  The game is set up like mat ball.  The three mats wi.11 be the bases, one cone should be placed in front of each mat.

The game begins with the pitcher throwing the ball to the batter.  After catching the ball the batter will punt the ball and run to each of the bases, including home.  The fielding team will attempt to catch this kick.. If the kick is caught before it hits the ground it is an out.  If the ball is not caught the fielding team will throw the ball to the first baseman who will knock over his cone when he has the ball.  After knocking over his cone the first baseman will throw the ball to the second baseman, who will knock over his cone, then throw to the third baseman who does the same.  When the third cone is knocked over the instructor will blow a whistle and all runners will return to the last.
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