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GRADE LEVEL: Any (with modification)

EQUIPMENT: As many soft throwables as possible. For Volleyball - as as many soft volleyballs or beach balls as possible ( I use about 18 oversized volleyballs). 1 volleyball net

HIGHLIGHTS: Throwing, catching.  For Volleyball - Serving, Bumping, Setting, Spiking?

INSTRUCTIONS: Throwing Version - In this version, divide the class into two equal teams.  Separate the teams with a center line or a volleyball net.  Give each team half of the throwables.  On the signal, each team must throw the items from their half of the court into the other teams half of the court.  The object of the game is to have the fewest items on your side of area, at the end of the game.  Personally, I will allow the games to last 1-2 minutes.  I then signal the game to stop and tally the scores.
     You can modify this game by making players throw from where they caught or retrieved a ball.  In other words, once they have a ball they can not move any closer to the centerline or net.
     Volleyball Version - I use this game during my volleyball unit.  Instead of using any soft throwable, I use oversized volleyballs or beach balls.  The idea is the same.  Give half the ball to each team.  In this version, each team is separated by a volleyball net.  On the given signal, each team must try to get the volleyballs over the net into the other teams area.  The team who has the least number of balls on their side of the net at the end of the time limit, will be declared the winner.  Following are different ways I play this game:
     1.  All players must serve the ball over the net.
     2.  Players may bump or set a ball back over the net if it has not bounced (or bounce 1 time for younger groups). other wise, they must pick it up and serve it back over.
     3.  I do not teach spiking but could you add it if you wish? sure.
     4.  I do not penalize for ball going under the net, as long as players are trying with proper technique.  This is a good activity to assess serving skills. 
     As with the throwing version, you can modify the game by making students serve from  a designated area, or from where they retrieve the ball.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I do have a 2 ball penalty for anyone who sends a ball to the other team after the whistle has blown.  Take into consideration that there may be balls in flight as you blow the whistle.  I do not penalize for balls in the air at the whistle.


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