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GRADE LEVEL: Grades 2-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: One soccer ball, four cones or two soccer goals.

HIGHLIGHTS: Developing skills in dribbling, passinng, shooting at a goal, goalie skills, and teamwork.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Have students standing at an arms length apart to form a circle.  Place goals inside the circle, approximately 15 yards across from each other.  If using cones the cones should be approximately four feet apart to simulate a soccer goal.  Divide the circle into two equal teams, giving each player a number.  Each team will have numbers that correspond to numbers on the opposite team.  To begin the game, the instructor calls out three numbers, the three players from each team representing those numbers should now be in the center of the circle.  When the whistle is blown play begins.   The object of the game is for each team to try to kick the ball through the other teams goal.  Players may not touch the ball with their hands during the entire game. if during the game a player wishes to become a goalie, it is legal, but even the goalie may no use his hands.  The players that make up the circle participate by keeping the ball in play.  Play continues until one goal is score, or until the neither team has scored in a reasonable amount of time.  Once play ends, players return to their positions in the circle, and the instructor will call out three new numbers.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress that passing is the key to scoring.  Players making up the circle are not allowed to kick the ball toward the goal, they must tap the ball to keep it in play.

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