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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Circle hockey

GRADE LEVEL: grades 2-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Six hockey sticks, one puck, two goals

HIGHLIGHTS:  dribbling, passing, shooting at a goal, goalie skills, and teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS:     Have students form a circle at least one arms length apart.  Place the two goals at each
end of the circle, approximately 15 yards apart.  Divide the circle into two
equal teams, assigning each player a number.  Each team will have numbers that correspond to the opposing team.  To begin the game the instructor will call out three numbers, the players representing these three numbers will enter the circle (there should be three from each team).  When the instructor blows the whistle, the game begins.  The object of the game is to score a goal in the opposing teams net.  Players may not touch the puck with their hands or feet.  If a player wishes to be goalie, it is legal, but even the goalie may not use his hands.  The players forming the circle help keep the puck in the game.  The players inside the circle play until a goal is scored, or until the instructor feels the players have used enough time.  Once these players are finished, they go back to their place in the circle, and three new numbers will be called.

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress that passing is a key to scoring. Players in the circle are to help keep the puck in play, but may not kick it toward the goal.

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