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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 3-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Four balls (I use basketballs)

HIGHLIGHTS:   Running, passing, catching, dribbling, alertness, and listening skills.

INSTRUCTIONS:    Form a square that is composed of four teams, each team representing a side of the square.  Assign numbers to each player of all the teams.  Numbers should be the same for each team.  In other words all teams will have a number 1, all teams will have a number 2, etc.  Place four balls in the center of the square, one ball belonging to each team.  The instructor will then call a number, players whose number is called will run around the outside of the square ( all go the same direction ) until they get back to their space.  At this point, instead of stopping the player will now enter the square and get his ball and make the designated type of pass to each of his players.  The first player to finish scores I point for his team.

HELPFUL HINTS: Since any type of ball can be used, this is a good lead up game for most sports.  Emphasize good throws and good catches.  Personally, I use this game to help develop dribbling and passing skills in basketball.  I have the students dribble around the box, then make bounce passes or chest passes (my choice) to each player.  After a short time I will reverse the direction around the box and have students use the opposite hand.

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