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NAME OF ACTIVITY: bombardment

GRADE LEVEL: grades 1-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Several soccer balls, 6-8 pins ( two liter bottles, bowling pins, etc )

HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer skills including: dribbling, kicking at a target and trapping.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into two teams.  Teams will be lined up facing each other, approximately 10 - 15 yards apart depending on the grade level.  Pins will be placed between the two teams.  The pins should be color coded so that each team can recognize their own pins.

                        1                                                 1

                        2                                                 2

                        3                                                 3

                        4                                                 4

                        5                                                 5

                        6                                                 6

                        7                                                 7

                        8                                                 8

                        9                                                 9

                        10                                              10

                        11                                              11

The object of the game is for each team to be the first to knock down all of their pins.  Players are not allowed to move from their own positions, except to retrieve a ball, this should eliminate ball hogging.  A player may retrieve a ball from the middle, however they must dribble to their home position prior to shooting.  If a player knocks down an opposing teams cone it stays down.

HELPFUL HINTS: When the entire class understands the game we can make smaller teams and play two games at one time.  Emphasize proper trapping and kicking techniques.  Players can be placed along the side to stop wild shots, but with this method you will need to rotate players.
       Another idea for retrieving the ball is to have the retriever give the ball to another player (you cannot shoot a ball that you retrieved).  This will encourage teamwork, because if no one chooses to retrieve, their team may not have as many balls to shoot.

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