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GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3-6

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Kickball, four bases, basketball hoops

HIGHLIGHTS:  Kicking a moving object, catching skills, running, shooting a basketball

INSTRUCTIONS:  Set up playing area as in a softball game, with three bases and a homeplate.  Class is divided into two teams.  One team is in the field as the other team is up to kick.  The game is played like kickball.  The pitcher will roll the ball to be kicked by the offensive team.  Once the ball is kicked there are three ways to make an out;

1.       If the ball is caught in the air

2.       If a defensive person tags first, with possession of the ball, before the runner gets there.

  3.       If a defensive player shoots a basket before the runner reaches first.

If the kicker reaches first base safely he will continue to run until the instructor blows the whistle.  The instructor will blow the whistle as soon as the defensive team scores a basket, this will send the runner back to the base he last touched.  Once a shot is made the play is over and the pitcher rolls the ball again.  The player on base is not allowed to run again until he is passed by one of his own runners.

HELPFUL HINTS: with the lower grade levels I have the run around the bases twice.

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