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Basketball chicken fights

GRADE LEVELS: grades 3-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 1 basketball or bounce able ball per student. (If you do not have enough balls per student, then try this as a station with smaller groups).

HIGHLIGHTS: running, dodging, tagging, dribbling, stealing, and eye hand coordination.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Each student is given a basketball and is made aware of the boundaries for the game.  To begin the game students will start dribbling their basketball.  The object of the game is for the students to try to knock the ball away from other students without losing control of their own ball.  When a student loses control of his/her ball they must exit the game and wait at the sideline. ( on the sideline, I will have students doing either fitness activities or chicken fight challenges).  I also stress no body contact in this activity.

Individual version
   In the individual version, which I call annihilation, students will play on an individual basis until there is only one student left.  This last student is declared the winner and king of the coop for that round.

Team version
     In the team version, students are divided into two or more teams.  Students are given pinnies to wear in order to distinguish the teams.  In this version the game is played the same as before except one team tries to eliminate the other team.  The last team to have any players left on the court will be declar ed the winner.

HELPFUL HINTS:  As students get removed to the sideline area, I will give them a choice of activities.  In the sideline area they may do any of the following:  have individual challenge chicken fights, work on basketball skills such as shooting, dribbling, passing, etc. or they may root for the players that are still in the game.      In the individual version, I sometimes find it necessary to cut down the playing area as more students get eliminated.  Eventually, the last few players may find themselves in the center court circle.



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