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NAME OF ACTIVITY:  Around the World

GRADE LEVEL:  Grades 3-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 Basketball, court with appropriate markings, hoop

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye hand coordination, Basketball shooting, and number sequencing       

INSTRUCTIONS:  The numbers 1 through 9 are marked on the ground within throwing distance of the basket.  All children in the game line up behind the number 1.  Have them note carefully their place in line.

     The first child tries to throw the ball into the basket.  If successful, he moves to the number 2 and shoots again.  He continues to shoot from successively higher numbers until he misses.

     When he misses, the next child in line has his turn.  Each child starts at 1 and tries to put the ball into the basket from each number.  When he misses, he stays at the number which he missed and awaits his next turn.

     The first child to complete all the numbers is the winner.  If you do not have a basket, or wish to play indoors, use a box and a slightly deflated ball.


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