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GRADE LEVEL: K-12 with modifications

EQUIPMENT: 1 Bat, 1 Ball, 1 Tee if necessary per game

HIGHLIGHTS: Hitting, Fielding fly balls, Fielding ground balls, Basic Addition and Subtraction, Eye-Hand Coordination, Pitching.

INSTRUCTIONS: This game will vary somewhat depending on the age of the participants.  The way I learned this game was based on an older age group, so I will start there.
     You will have 1 player designated as the batter, 1 player designated as the pitcher and the rest of the players scattered about anywhere in the field.  From this point the pitcher will pitch to the batter, while the batter hits.  The fielders work hard to catch the ball as soon as possible, as each catch is worth points to the fielder.  Following are the point values for each catch:
     Fly Ball - 100 pts
     1 Hop     -  50 pts
     Grounder - 25 pts
     Dead Ball (not moving) - Zero
The first player to reach 500 points becomes the next batter.  To keep things simple, you could have the previous batter become the next pitcher.  When a new batter comes up all players points reset back to zero.  If I have any player win more than once, I will have them or myself, select a player who has not yet hit or pitched.
     VARIATION - For older groups, they must subtract points for balls that they touch but do not catch (Errors). 
     VARIATION - For younger groups a tee may be necessary.  Also, I find that I play with fewer points to win.  So we may play 200 or 300, etc.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I run several games at a time to insure that all players get a turn to bat.  So if you can run more games with less players per game, it is helpful. 
     No contact body between players is allowed.


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