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HIGHLIGHTS: Small space activity, any designated exercise or activity  

INSTRUCTIONS: Separate the class into pairs and have them stand back to back.  On the given signal players will jump around to face each other, while making a sign.  Depending on the sign, players will win, lose or tie.  The object of the game is to be the last player left standing.  Following are the signs that players may use:
     Gorilla - Player will be up on toes with arms raised high and will Growl.
     Slingshot - Player will act like they are shooting a slingshot and will say "Boink"
     Man - Player must place their hands on their hips and say "Oh, Yeah"
  Following are the outcomes of the battles (think rock, paper, scissors).
     Gorillas can crush man, so gorilla wins over man.
     Slingshots can boink the gorilla, so slingshots win over gorillas.
     Man can control a slingshot so man wins over slingshots.
  Once players jump and show their sign the losing player must perform the designated exercise(s) and the winner will continue in the game.  If two players show the same sign, they both are eliminated: "Tie-U-Die"
.  After a round, have the winners find a new partner who is still in, and continue the game.  This will continue until there is only one player left.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I like this game because you usually have a different winner each time.  Watch for late bloomers - students who do not show their character right away.  The games do not last long, so use exercises accordingly.


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