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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades K-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 low bounce ball

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye-had coordination, strategy.       

INSTRUCTIONS:  Players stand in a circle formation with feet spread a little wider than shoulder width apart and touching the feet of the players on each side.  The ball will be placed in the center.  The object of the game is to push (roll) the ball so that it passes through the legs (goal) of another player.  Players use both hands to defend their goal.  To start the game, the server must place the ball in the center of the circle.  Once placed, any player other than the server may strike the ball.  The server may not be the first player to hit his own serve.  Once another player touches the ball, the server may play as normal.  Each time a ball goes through a players legs (goal), a point is scored against him/her.  The player with the lowest score wins the game.

HELPFUL HINTS:  A point is also scored against a player who hits another player in the head or face with the ball.

     The game can end several ways.  First, you can play until 1 player reaches a set number of points (5 for example).  At this point the game would end and the lowest score wins.

     Second, You could play that the last person to be scored upon is the winner.  In other words, the last player to have a score of zero would be declared the winner.

     Finally, you could play for a set amount of time, with the winner being the player who has the fewest points at the end of time.

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