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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Streets and Alleys



HIGHLIGHTS: Chasing, fleeing, following verbal commands

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a game I use when I am confined to a small space such as a classroom. 
     The game is set up by selecting a player to be the cat and another player to be the mouse.  I just used the terms cat and mouse here to help in the explanation of the game.  You may call them what you think fits the motif of the game.  Anyway, all other players form an equal number of rows and columns.  So you may have 5 columns of students with 5 students in each column, thereby making 5 rows of students.  Students should be close enough together that they can join hands with the other players in their row, and they should also be able to reach the hands with the other players in their column.  When their hands are joined with the players in their column, this is called streets, when they are joined with the players in their row, this is called alleys.  The students need only to rotate 90 degrees in order to switch from alleys to streets (see below examples of Alleys and Streets).  You should have the students practice switching from streets to alleys and back several times before starting the game.

     You may also select one person to be the caller, however, I usually will do the calling myself.  Anyway, have the cat and the mouse start at opposite ends of the playing area.  On the signal, the cat will attempt to catch the mouse (Power walking in small spaces).  The cat and mouse can only travel on the open streets or alleys, they may not go through, under or over joined hands.  While the cat is trying to catch the mouse, the signal caller will call out changes from streets to alleys, or alleys to streets.  This helps keep everyone involved in the game, changes the playing field, and can give either the cat or the mouse an advantage or disadvantage.  When the mouse is caught, switch cat and mouse, or have the cat become the mouse and bring in a new cat.

HELPFUL HINTS: This game can be adapted to several kinds of tag games, especially if the studentsa are having trouble controlling their power walk.  If they (the cat and mouse) have trouble controlling their walk you could have them balance something on their head or hands. (ex. erasers, coin, foam patties etc.)


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