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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Spear the Whale

GRADE LEVEL: K-12 with some modifications

EQUIPMENT: Small dull sticks (unsharpened pencils), Small length of string and a washer or other small circular object.  I have also been testing out a version where you use swim noodles (instead of sticks), A lenght of string and a larger circle (ring toss ring works fine).

HIGHLIGHTS: Eye-Hand coordination

INSTRUCTIONS:  I use this game a small space, station activity when I am having my PE class in a classroom.  Both versions are player the same.
     Tie a small washer onto the end of a length of string (ring toss ring if you are using the swim noodles).  The longer the string, the more difficult the game.  Anyway, tie the free end of the string so that the end with the ring hangs down to the height of your game.  The player are seated in a circle around the ring (they should be close enough to reach the ring with their stick or noodle, but far enough away that they cannot hit each other with their sticks.  If using a pencil, make sure it is unsharpened and they are spearing with the eraser end.  To start the game, give the ring a swing and count down 3,2,1 "Spear the Whale".  On the signal all players will attempt to capture the ring by carefully trying to get their own stick (noodle) through the ring.  The first player to capture the ring gets 1 point.  Play continues until 1 player reaches a set number of points.  Following are a few guidlines:
     - Players may not thrust and jab in a dangerous manner, the attempts to capture should be well under control and safe.
     - Players may not intentionally hit the string, other players, or other players "spear".

HELPFUL HINTS:  Personally, I like to designate a restraining line to insure the players are a safe distance apart.  When I play this game with swim noodles, I found that I need to tape a handle line onto the noodel, as players will move their hands further up the noodle to give them better control.  When I play this game with noodles, I allow the players to stand up, but stay behind the restraining line.
     I cannot emphasize enough about the spearing attempts must be slow and controlled, especially in the stick version. 


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