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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades K-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  1 bowl per game, yarn or flag belt per player, clothes pin per player 1 Die per game

HIGHLIGHTS:  reaction, number recognition.           

INSTRUCTIONS:  To make the mouse: clip the clothespin onto the end of the belt. If using yarn tie a loop into the end of the yarn and clip the clothespin onto the loop.

     Select one player to be the mouse catcher, this player will roll the die and will control the mousetrap (plastic bowl).  I like to use a yellow sticky note to be the cheese and each mouse must be touching the cheese (feeding) to start the game.  Each player kneels holding the mouse’s tail (personally I have the students train their mouse first, by practicing pulling the mouse so that it comes back between the knees of the puller).   Do this to keep other from getting hit by a stray mouse.  The mouse trap (bowl) must be place on the floor next to the mice; the catcher may have his/her hand on the bowl.  The catcher will then roll the die, If a 1 or a 6 is rolled, the catcher will try to catch the mice with his mousetrap (bowl), of course the mice should be trying to escape to their hole (between knees).  If a mouse gets trapped, that person gets a point, points are bad.  Usually, when a player gets 3 points he or she must become the new mouse catcher.



HELPFUL HINTS:  If you see students getting points on purpose then I change the way to become the catcher.  I will say when a player gets 5 points, whoever has the lowest score in that game gets to be the new catcher.

     Also, I give a point if a player pulls his mouse from the cheese on a die roll other than a 1 or a 6.  With my older students, I will take away a point for all players if the mouse catcher tries to trap on any number other than a 1 or a 6.

     I highly recommend having the students practice pulling the mousse between their knees before starting the game.  Also, I use 5-7 players per game including the catcher.  You could use less but I like these numbers.

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