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GRADE LEVEL:  Grades K-5

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  I patty per player, Could be about any thing flat.  I have used snuff cans (no labels), foam hamburgers cut from noodles, coins etc.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Eye-had coordination, tagging skills, and evading, balance.   

INSTRUCTIONS:  Each player is given an object to balance on the back of their hand (patty).  Have the students balance the object on the back of their hand, not fingers.  I have students place their other hand behind their back.  On the start of the game players must use their object hand to try to knock off the patty of the other players.  When the students patty is knocked off or falls off, he/she must move out of the game.  The winner is the last person left standing.  I will play this way, but I will also play by the variation.

Variation: I will play teams, this could be boys against girls or whatever, but the kids love to play the variation.

HELPFUL HINTS:  I found that if I use something light, the students will resort to trying to blow the object off.  This adds another variation as I can allow or disallow students to blow on the objects.
     I do not allow body contact, A player can use their object hand to touch another players hand, but not to the body.
     When players are out, I allow them to have challenge matches on the side.

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