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HIGHLIGHTS: reasoning, play acting, could be modified to any exercise

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a game I play when I have a few spare minutes, or when I must have my PE class in a classroom or small area.
     Game begins by having all players close their eyes.  I will then walk around the class and select 1 player to be the "Killer" (If the name bothers you, then you can change it to Dr Knock out, or some other name that is more politically correct).  Anyway once I have selected the "Killer" all players will open their eyes and begin shaking hands with all other players (players must shake hands, idle players should be  counted "HIT".  Anyway, as all players are shaking hands, the killer will "HIT" his/her victims by giving their hand a very light, (unnoticable to others, besides the victim, squeeze.  If you feel your hand get squeezed, you have been "HIT" and will need to display your best dying act.  Once "HIT" you may not talk or in any way give up the identity of the Killer.  The object of the game is for the Killer to eliminate all or a given number of players, before the live players can identify him/her. If the Killer succeeds he/she and all his/her victims win the game.  However, at any time, a player who is still alive may freeze the game and guess the identity of the killer.  If the guess is correct, the guesser and all those still alive are declared the winners.  But, if the guess is wrong, that player is "HIT".  Game continues until the Killer wins or is identified by a live player.
     VITAL to the GAME - A player must take care to not die exactly when they get squeezed as this would immediately identify the killer.  Therefore they should shake hands with a few more players before going into their big act.  Remember, once your hand is squeezed the only way to win is to protect the identity of the killer.

HELPFUL HINTS: When I first learned this game the killer either won, and all other lost, or the killer and all the victims lost and the guesser won.  However, I like the way I have it in the description as it gives the victims a reason for keeping quiet and being good actors.
     To add more fitness into this activity, once players go through their grand dying act, they must perform an exercise.  How about the "Dead Cockroach"?


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