Doug Gates Bio Page

     My name is Doug Gates and I am currently a physical education teacher in the Franklin Local School District.  
I graduated from Otterbein College, in the spring of 1985, with a BA in education with certifications in Science, Health and Physical Education.  I completed my masters degree in teaching, from Marygrove College, in the spring of 2001 and  I have been teaching here, in the Franklin Local School District, for 25 years.  For the past 20 years I have been teaching Elementary Physical Education at Duncan Falls Elementary .  Prior to Physical Education I spent four years teaching eighth grade science at Duncan Falls Jr. High School.  

Hobbies -  Play Baseball in MABL and MSBL, Play Roller Hockey, Karate Instructor (Shorin-Ryu), Paintball, and Golf

Family - I have a lovely wife Judy of 26 years,  and two wonderful kids; Shalene and Mason.

Other Schools - I worked four years with students from Starlight School, which is an excellent school dedicated to serving mentally handicapped students.

Philosophy -
I do not perceive Physical Education as an organized recess.  My responsibility as a Physical Education teacher are, in my opinion, among the most important in the school.  I firmly believe all of my students are special and posses a wide variety of talent and skills.  It is my mission to expose my students to a wide variety of activities, as to encourage him, or her, to discover and enhance these skills.  As a professional educator, I will present these activities in a positive and professional manner, as to maximize the self-esteem and the self-confidence of my students.  As a result of physical education, my students will learn that physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only now, but for the rest of their lives.
     Throughout the school year, I will treat my students with the utmost respect and courtesy.  As a result I expect to be treated in the same manner.  While I hold high expectations for my students, I do not expect each child to be the best, but I do expect them do their best. 

Accomplishments - Creator and owner of, the number 1 Elementary Physical Education site on the Internet (2004), Founded and implemented the I.D.E.A. Program (2005), Constructed 3 climbing walls and 3 climbing ropes for our school (2006), Made multiple speaking appearances at local physical education seminars (subjects included: I.D.E.A. Program, Team Oriented Field Days and Cheap and Free Equipment), Selected as Ohio State Board Associations' South East Regions Faculty Member of the Year (2009), Built an over 1/2 mile fitness trail for my school, with 12 fitness station (2011).

Favorite Short Story - 

One morning, I went out for my daily sunrise walk on the beach. Off in the distance, I could see someone pick something up off the beach, wade a little ways into the ocean and then toss the object into the water.

Then, the person, who appeared to be a small boy, picked up another object and tossed it also into the sea. He continued to do this as I walked. As I approached, I saw that he was picking up starfish. I stopped and asked him why he was doing this. The boy explained that the starfish were stranded and that in another hour or two they would dry up and die. He was saving their lives.

The innocence of youth, I thought. I told him that there were thousands of starfish on the beach, and he couldn't possibly make a difference. The kid stopped and looked down, as if to study the water that washed over our bare feet. Then He walked over and picked up another starfish, waded into the sea and tossed it in.

"Sir," he said, pointing into the sea. "Yes," I answered. He continued, "It made a difference for that one."

In each and every one of us,
there is something very special.
We have all been gifted with the ability
to make a positive difference.

If we are fortunate enough
to fully accept and acknowledge that gift,
we gain the mana
-- the power -- to shape the future.


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