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MorePE, whose focus is legislative change in Physical Education and Nutrition, is a project of the non-profit "Kids Forever Fit"


     The MorePE project is ultimately about mandating quality Physical Education programs in ALL school in Ohio and eventually the nation.  By quality, we mean a minimum of 3 days a week of Physical Education, provided by certified Physical Education instructors.

     Until now, I have spent
significant funds and have invested volumes time helping other teachers, students and parents with Physical Education and fitness ideas.  I have done this through YouTube videos and my website (, that I built from scratch with no web experience. gets several million hits a year, and I receive a lot of physical education questions from all over the world!  This site is arguably the #1 Physical Education site on the Internet.  What makes it so good is the personal attention and experience that I provide.  Yes, some sites have more activities and pages, but that does not mean better!  Much of their material is visitor added, and unfortunately it is NOT always good material.  I cut through all that, and my material is tested and appropriate.  I have also just begun creating videos that I share on YouTube which helps "show" others exactly how activities should work.
     Now, the problem is that I need to take my website and videos to the next level.  Here are my goals:
Phase 1
   1.  Acquire help in consolidating my websites and into my main website (         
   2.  Acquire help in producing a professional video that will
gain the attention of local, state and more importantly federal educational agencies, news channels, The Today Show to name a few.      
   3.  Use these platforms to take
ACTION to make appropriate changes in how we attack childhood obesity! 

Phase 2  
   1. I would like to have a
leading philanthropist or passionate stakeholder take the iPad app that I have created for assessing and analyzing student fitness scores, and make it available to ALL physical education instructors at no charge!

     Phase 3
1. I will endeavor to make real changes in legislation that will clearly motivate our country toward a healthy standard through education!  This starts with our youth.  I will lead this mission with the formation of the Motivated Obesity, Reduction, Education and Prevention Endeavor!  (     The bottom line of my project is this:  Everyone talks prevention when it comes to addressing childhood obesity.  Unfortunately, there is great failure in those attempting to take action, and the ones who do, are approaching it improperly!     Politicians push for change, but lack the knowledge to insure it is carried out correctly in the educational arena.  State departments make decisions and use resources based on people who have not been actively engaged in a schools for years, or are out of touch with reality.  Folks, I know physical education!  With my years of first hand, currently teaching experience, I have what it takes to attack childhood obesity.  It requires ACTION with a plan, and that is what I intend to make happen!

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