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Launch of the Fitness and Nutrition Advocacy Group

Motivated Obesity Reduction, Education, & Prevention Endeavor

I decided to add this area because keeping my video down to 7-8 minutes was extremely difficult! :)
I had so much that I wanted to say.  My first video attempt was 17 minutes!
Maybe I should have shot a movie.  ;)

If you would like to donate, but you are concerned about going through Kickstarter and Amazon, then try PayPal.  just click here:  

Kickstarter related questions

      What are your monetary goals
     Why are you asking for such small amounts of money?
     What are your incentives?
     What will you do with the money?
     Why are you calling out the people you have challenged?

M.O.R.E.P.E questions

     Why do we need this group?
     Don't we already have groups for obesity?
     What makes you an expert?
     Is "Gym" really important?
     What are your plans about addressing nutrition?
     What makes MrGym.com so special? There are bigger sites.

What are your monetary goals?
      My first phase goal is to raise $5,000.  This money will go to updating and expanding my MrGym.com website, and my MrGym.com Youtube Channel.  It is my goal to continue to provide a resource for other educators, but also to expand to make areas for youth and adult fitness and nutrition education.
     In Phase 2, it is my goal to reach $10,000.  This money would be used to have my assessment app professionalized and made available to other educators.  I then hope to be able to provide this app at NO CHARGE to other professionals who do fitness assessments.
     In Phase 3, it is my ultimate goal to reach $1,000,000.  This money will be spent setting up every aspect of the M.O.R.E.P.E. group.
      It would go to hands on training to untrained physical educators (classroom teachers aids and para professionals who are being asked to teach Physical Education)!
     It will be spent on making legislative changes that will increase the health and fitness of our youth!
     It will be spent on providing vital resources to making CHANGE in lives of our youth and adults!

Why are you asking for such small amounts of money?
     I set what I feel are small, achievable goals.  Since Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraiser, then by reaching small goals, I can start to make a difference immediately!  So, at the bare minimum, I can cntinue to provide resources to other educators.

What are your incentives?
* $1 - Personal thank you e-mail from me.
   * $10 - Previous level incentives PLUS you or your loved ones name, permanently etched in our support wall!
   * $25 - Previous level incentives PLUS, A supporting fitness T-shirt, or beta version of my app. so you can use and offer input.
   * $50 - Previous level incentives PLUS, Your name or company listed in the BRONZE section of our Site Sponsors.
   * $100 - Previous level incentives PLUS,  Receive a PERMANENT, personalized 150 X 60 px space on any activity MrGym.com. it may include: picture, text, ad, recognition, etc. (must be appropriate. No alcohol, sex,) *Plus your name permanently listed in the SILVER donor section of MrGym.com!
Example:                      This is a sample of the logo ad It can be customized to your message or ad!   

 * $500 - Previous level incentives PLUS, a 468 x 60 PERMANENT personalized banner ad at the top of any activity page on MrGym.com. it may include: picture, text, ad, recognition, etc. (must be appropriate. No alcohol, sex,) *Plus your name permanently listed in the GOLD donor section of MrGym.com!
             This is a sample of the ad size!  It can be customized to your message or ad!

* $5,000 - Previous level incentives PLUS, a PERMANENT personalized 468x60 Space at the TOP of the HOME PAGE of MrGym.com, as well as 5 of the other top visited pages. Your space can be customized every month! (Must be appropriate material: No alcohol, sex or drugs).

             This is a sample of the ad size!  It can be customized to your message or ad!

What will you do with the money?
     The first $5000.00 will go to upgrading and expanding MrGym.com and the Youtube Channel; MrGym.com.
     The second phase ($10,000.00) will go to getting my assessment app available to all physical educators.
     The 3rd phase (anything over $10,000) will go to take the following as far as money and support will allow:
     1.  For the non-profit group MOREPE.
     2.  Get my app to other educators, FREE!
     3.  Take action to make PE mandatory, and to be taught by Trained Professionals!
     4.  Personally educate undertrained aids, classroom teachers, and para-professionals in the proper teaching of Physical Education, at little to NO charge to the districts!
     5.  Take action in eliminating misleading and confusing product labels.
     6.  Help establish fitness programs, like my LYFE Program, into schools across the country.

Why are you calling out the people you have challenged?
     I have a reason behind each person I called out.  Each person has a different reason, and I will only discuss it with the people I have called out.  :)

Why do we need this group?
     It is absolutely vital that we take action with our obesity issues! 
   *  2 out of 3 people in the U.S. are overweight or obese!
   *  Obesity costs our healthcare between 150-210 Billion dollars every year!
   *  We are raising the 1st generation of kids who may have a lower life span than their parents!
   *  Physical Education is one of many tools to fight obesity, and it is being weeded out of our school!  Don't believe me?  Every year I get e-mails from classroom teachers and para-professions who are not trained in Physical Education or health, being told to teach P.E.!  Many of districts locally are using para-professionals and aides!
    *  We need a group to DEMAND ACTION, and together, we can lead this group!

Don't we already have groups for obesity?
     We sure do, can you name one?  Where are they, while P.E. is being taken from our kids?  The bottom line is that they are out there, and many are awareness groups.  WE ARE AWARE OF THE PROBLEM, we need to take ACTION to solve the problem!  Unfortunately some of these groups are too political, so they have to be careful not to anger the politicians.  Or, they are too worried about raising money to run more workshops and sell more products. Whatever the reason, they are not making changes! Some politicians and state boards of education have their heart in the right place, but lack the knowledge of a seasoned Physical Educator to implement solid, appropriate programs.  This is where I come in.  I am not a puppet of the politicians, I am a season professional in my field, and I have been helping other educators for over a decade!  I know what it takes to make a difference in the lives of our children, and adults.

 What makes you an expert?
     1.  I have been studying, learning, adapting and customizing my craft for 28 years!
     2.  I have created and implemented several successful programs, including the LYFE Program (an after school fitness programs that services around 100 students).
     3.  I have done several speaking engagements, on several of my programs, around Ohio.
     4.  I was selected Southeastern Ohio Board of Education Faculty member of the year.
     5.  No, I have not been recognized nationally, but I have yet to see anyone come to Duncan Falls Ohio to see our programs.
     6.  I am highly motivated:  I funded and built, by hand, a 1/2 mile fitness trail for my students; complete with 12 fitness stations.  I have built 4 climbing walls for my students, I have helped run area fitness programs for our county, just to name a few.
     Bottom line is, I am passionate about kids, their health and their future, and I know we can make a difference!

Is "Gym" really important?
     Absolutely!  study after study shows that fit and active students score higher academically than non-active students. The state pushes so hard for teaching to a test, that they forget that they have an asset (P.E.) that has been proven to increase academics up to 20!
     That being said, we need proper and appropriate PHYSICAL EDUCATION!  The key to solving the obesity problem is education!  We need to teach our students how to become fit and active.  Furthermore, we need to teach them how to recognize and eat nutritional meals.
     unfortunately, there are some "gym" teachers out there who give us all a bad name.  These teachers need to be retrained or they need to be replaced by Physical Education teachers who care about our children and their future!

What are your plans about addressing nutrition?
     First, we do NOT need the government telling us what our kids can and cannot eat!  The key to nutrition is a few changes:
     1.  Educate students and parents on what is nutritional!
     2.  Get rid of misleading labels!  Confusing labels make it nearly impossible for the average person to know the real nutritional value!
     3.  Make changes in what is available in our schools.  There are some great programs and leaders in this field.  It is my goal to meet with them and develop a plan of action for this area!  WITHOUT the political (let me help my pals) issues!

What makes MrGym.com so special?
     Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better.  Yes, there are sites out there that have a million "games".  The problem is that most, if not all, of these games are user contributions.  Therefore, many are not appropriate Physical Education activities.  So going to some of these sites requires you to sift through tons of nearly useless material, just to get a few activities.  Secondly, these sites are not always run by experienced physical educators.  Therefore, they are not user friendly, or have solutions to problems.
     On MrGym.com, I have tested out the games that I have posted on my site.  Furthermore, I offer "Helpful Hints" to deal with problems that I encountered or modifications that may need made.  The activities here are appropriate and meet National Standards.  Furthermore, I personally answer and help hundreds of educators with problems in the curriculum, lessons, etc.