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NAME OF ACTIVITY: scooter relays

GRADE LEVEL: grades K-3

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: six scooters

HIGHLIGHTS:  Gross motor skills, upper-lower body coordination, moving at a variety of levels and patterns.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Divide the class into groups of six (or whatever number works best for you).  Each group is lined up at on end of the gym.  On the given signal the first person from each group will ride the scooter down to a given point then return.  After returning, he will give the scooter to the next person in line, who will do the same.  This continues until each player has a turn.  The first team to finish, and be sitting on the floor is the winner.


a.       Sitting on the scooter

b.       Kneeling on the scooter

c.       Belly on the scooter

d.       Back on the scooter

e.       With a partner pushing or pulling

f.        With a partner pulling with a rope

HELPFUL HINTS: Stress the importance of not standing on the scooters.  Girls with long hair should be careful of getting it caught in the wheels.

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