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NAME OF ACTIVITY: scooter cage ball

GRADE LEVEL: grades K- 12


HIGHLIGHTS:  Builds upper body and lower body strength, coordination, and teamwork, uses various body parts to move an object.

INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the class into two equal teams, one on each side of the gym.  Teams are lined up facing each other.  Each player will be assigned a number; both teams will have the same numbers. 3 to five scooters will be placed upside down in front of each team.  The cage ball will be placed halfway between each team.  The instructor will now call out 3-5 numbers, depending on the number of scooters.  The players from each team, representing those numbers, will get on a scooter and race to the ball.  The object of the game is to push the ball across to the other teams wall, or goal.  The first team to hit the opposing teams wall will earn 1 point.  Once a point is scored, players will return the scooters to their former positions (upside down) and return to their line.

HELPFUL HINTS: Students may not spear the ball. (Hitting it with their head when they first come out.  Players may push, pull, kick, or hit the ball any way they can.  Students must stay on the scooters at all times.  Students are never allowed to stand on the scooters.

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